Year One Maths

Today our learning objective was to identify and represent numbers using objects including a number line.

We used pegs to estimate how many in a group and then counted them, we were very good at estimating.

Next we filled in a blank number line with different numbers, using numbers we already had to count on instead of always starting at the beginning of the number line.


Thank you

On behalf of myself, Mrs Morton and Mrs Whitfield:

A huge thank you to pupils and families for all of the wonderful cards and gifts. It is something that we truly don’t expect or feel deserving of! Being part of your childrens’ journey is a gift in itself that we are grateful for each and every day.

Thank you to the Year 2 pupils who have been a wonderful cohort. It has been a pleasure to see you all grow, both academically and personally, over the last two years. I am proud to pass you on to Mrs Grierson as independent, hard working pupils with a thirst for learning. I can’t wait to see what you achieve in KS2.

Year 1 pupils, thank you too for your hard work this year. Have a restful holiday and come back ready to be challenged and filling those year 2 shoes as you become the older, responsible pupils I will be counting on to help out!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and come back with lots of exciting memories to share. Have fun and be safe!

Mrs Moden


Art Gallery Afternoon

Thank you to all of our visitors to the art gallery and colour cafe today. The pupils have enjoyed preparing for the event all week, making posters, leaflets, menus and cakes!

Each pupil had a special job this afternoon and I was so proud to see everyone working as a team to make the afternoon run smoothly! I didn’t have to do anything, you were all so independent!

I have had lots of positive comments from parents – you should all be very proud Class 1!


Wanted for next year! If you are having a tidy or clear out soon please bear these things in mind!

– Children’s comics and magazines (or any other interesting reads) for guided reading
– Aerosol lids (e.g. hair spray, furniture polish) they are great for building with!
– Information leaflets for London attractions for our role play area
– Anything else that we can build, imagine or play with that is safe and suitable for in school!

Thank you!


Today Class 1 have been exploring leaflets. We discussed the features of them and tried to find features that others found. We enjoyed opening them up and exploring the maps especially!!!

We are going to be making own information leaflets about our own art gallery. Our feature spotting should help us to make sure we include lots of different things in our leaflets. Hopefully our visitors will find them useful!